The Moroccan Twist: vegan and vegetarian Moroccan recipes

Your spice rack at home is almost breaking down? You couldn’t live without olive oil? The international food shelf is your favorite in any supermarket? You are always looking for new and exciting vegan and vegetarian recipes? Then it’s about time that you are here! This blog is all about vegan and vegetarian recipes inspired by Moroccan and oriental flavors. Here you will find some classic Moroccan recipes reinvented for a plant-based or vegetarian diet, but also some rather less traditional dishes with a Moroccan twist using the diverse ingredients of North Africa and the Middle East. Moroccan food has a lot to offer – it is full of flavor, nutritious and simple. However, Moroccan cuisine is mostly meat-based. Finding vegetarian or vegan Moroccan recipes can therefore be challenging. This is why I created this blog. Here, at The Moroccan Twist, you will find plenty of vegan and vegetarian recipes for traditional Moroccan dishes and some new, modern dishes cooked with mouthwatering oriental ingredients.  

What makes Moroccan cuisine special is the ingredients. If you have even been in Morocco, you surely know that you won’t get around preserved lemons, dried fruits and plenty of olives and spices. Dried apricots or prunes are often used in hearty main dishes and are usually combines with sesame or roasted almonds. Cumin is definitely a must-have, but it also cannot hurt if you stock up on paprika and ginger powder. There are 1001 different kinds of olives: green, black or red olives are marinated with all the flavors Morocco has to offer. And if you more of a sweet type, the delicious cookies and pastries will blow your mind.  

Whether you are craving a hot soup in winter, a fresh salad in summer or you need yummy snacks for your next party, you will find plenty of vegan and vegetarian Moroccan recipes on The Moroccan Twist! Are you getting hungry? Then put on your apron and let’s cook!