Me and my grandma in the kitchen

I love food! This should be motivation enough to create a food blog, I thought 😉. But first, let me introduce myself: I am Mäggi, I studying and living in Vienna, but most importantly: I want to share my passion for food and cooking with you! I grew up eating Moroccan food almost every day. When I came home from school, I usually found a streaming bowl of tajine or couscous on the table. My dad was the one cooking Moroccan food at home and when visiting the family during the summer holidays, it was my Grandma who passed on her recipes to me. I remember standing in the kitchen with her, chopping onions and cilantro, barely understanding her explanations – and I was happy. Whenever I had time, I sneaked in the kitchen, watched her cook and tried to learn. And although cooking was fun, there was something even better: eating! Moroccan food is full of flavor: the taste of freshly pressed olive oil mixed up with some onions, garlic and spices is something special. Sweet and soft dried fruits and crispy nuts make a perfect duet. And juicy oranges in winter, fresh strawberries in spring and crunchy nopals in autumn are enough for a good dessert.

However, Moroccan cuisine is mostly meat based and it is hard to find vegetarian or vegan Moroccan recipes. This is why I created this blog: I want to show that vegan and vegetarian Moroccan food can be as delicious and simple! I will introduce you to some of the classic Moroccan dishes and turn them into vegan or vegetarian delights. But I will also cook some other recipes with a Moroccan twist: I am thinking Moroccan gnocchi, tacos or buddha bowl?! 🤤

But that’s enough introduction for now. Let’s unpack our spices, turn on the stove and start cooking!